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This website uses Google Analytics and Piwik Pro to help analyse how visitors use this site – You can read more about how Google uses information from sites.¬†Note, your IP address is anonymised. In addition, both Google Analytics and Piwik Pro use “cookies”, which are small text files placed on your computer, to collect standard internet log information and visitor behaviour information in an anonymous form. Note the deliberate emphasis of anonymous, as no personally identifiable information is collected about you unless you explicitly submit that information on this website.

If you consent to tracking, we use Google Analytics and/or Piwik Pro reports to evaluate visitor usage so that we can optimise the content, and its marketing, to better meet your needs. This is essential for us to operate this website as a free to use service. If you have not consented to anonymised tracking, or have not seen our consent banner, then you will not be tracked.

In summary, your anonymity is safe. That is our commitment to you as a valued user.

When Personal Information is Submitted

We will not link, or seek to link, any data gathered from this public website with any personally identifiable information from any source, unless you explicitly submit that information. If you have submitted a contact form, asked to be notified of updates, or registered for an account, we request your name and email address and potentially other non-specific demographic information. For example, your language preference and location.

We do this firstly to ensure you are not a robot or spammer, and secondly because the more information we have on actual people (as opposed to cookies), the better we can understand what content is of interest. If you wish your personal information to be removed from this site, simply contact hello @

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