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An Audit Tool Built for Agencies

Founded by Brian Clifton, we are the trusted audit solution for some of the most respected agencies in the business. There are two ways an agency can work with Verified Data. Both have the same great features, only data ownership varies:

  • Your end client creates/owns an account and your team manage auditing on their behalf. This provides full transparency for your end client who typically will use “view only” access, while your team focuses on set up, understanding the results and providing fixes.
  • You create an single agency account and manage your clients together in one place. Your team works in the background on behalf of clients who would not directly view audits themselves.

Of course, you can have a blend of both approaches.


Real Agency Benefits:

Scale your professional services – a tool that allows you to scale your business without being stuck repeatedly checking data.

Improve client satisfaction – keeping you on top of the noise with automated, fast and reliable audits.

Pitch smart for new business – visit potential new clients with a deep understanding of their setup from the get-go.

Smart hybrid technologyDATA Inspector & PAGE Inspector, so your staff stay happy and sane!

Unlimited users – share reports with colleagues and clients.

API – integrate our audit data within your own reports/tools.

Perfect audit tool for an agency

Built by experts for experts

Verified Data uses some smart technology to forensically audit your client’s Google Analytics data and their entire web site data collection strategy. Follow our Release Notes to keep up to date on progress.

Agency Benefits


All setups degrade over time. Be ahead of the curve for your clients.

Built to Scale

Built on Amazon’s cloud platform, Verified Data can scale with ease to 100s of sites.

Free your Staff

Because we automate, your staff do more of the fun stuff and less “engine room” work.

Perfect audit tool for an agency

Grow your Business

A good analyst is hard to find. Use Verified Data to make your staff 100x more efficient!

Report API

The API allows you to integrate all audit data within your own reports & tools.

Pitch Intelligently

Impress at meetings armed with an array of data quality insights.