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DATA Inspector Pi Chart

Free versus Paid Audit Features

The DATA Inspector is a free to use product – all Google Analytics data checks for free – we call this a project. Try it first.

Then upgrade to the paid version for more more horsepower for larger websites. Typically, this applies if you are an agency, consultancy, or an in-house team that manages multiple Google Analytics properties and handles large quantities of data:

Project Management

Free Version

Single use project.

Single data stream (web only).

Single user only.

Paid Version

Multiple reusable projects.

Multiple data streams (web, app, web+app)

Create and edit projects as you go.

Re-audit as often as you wish.

Unlimited access for colleagues/clients.

Historical Data

Free Version

On-demand audits.

No historical data – only the last results.

Paid Version

On-demand audits.

Scheduler – auto-run audits.

Historical audits saved for 12 months.

Table Sizes

Free Version

1000 rows taken as follows:

The top 500 rows by volume.

The bottom 500 rows by volume.

For custom dimensions, 10 rows each*.

PII Global values only. See the PII Reference Guide.

Paid Version (30x more data)

30,000 rows taken as follows:

The top 10,000 rows by volume.

The middle 10,000 rows by volume‡.

The bottom 10,000 rows by volume.

For custom dimensions, 100 rows each*.

PII Global values plus 39 specific country checks.

Why table size is important:

Enterprise and transactional sites often have large volumes of data, hence sample size is important. Consider this if your event count is greater than 1M per month, or a higher threshold against collecting personal data is requied.

Data Access

Free Version

All via the user interface.

Paid Version

API access to all results – current and historical.

CSV results – file export per audit.

* All defined custom dimensions (UA), or custom definitions (GA4 event scoped and user scoped) are assessed.

‡ For Universal Analytics the limit is 20,000 rows (top and bottom) due to limitations of the Google reporting API.