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The New PAGE Inspector Audit Tool
Updates March 2023

Audit your Website with our PAGE Inspector

Good news! Last year our DATA Inspector for GA4 auditing launched, and now the new PAGE Inspector (beta) is ready!

The PAGE Inspector is our new website crawler and audit tool. It’s the second piece of the data quality and compliance puzzle – allowing you to verify what is actually happening on your pages – any page tag, any cookie, any consent choice.

You can even audit your competitors…! 

*50% Off Beta Pricing*

You can get started for free. And while in beta (pixel mapper coming 2023), you get the paid version at 50%+ off guaranteed for 12 months. When out of beta, our normal pricing applies.

Compliance Features

You set the geolocation, browser type, consent choice and number of pages to crawl. The PAGE Inspector then listens for data signals and maps out the cookies and tracker tag coverage. Re-audit with different consent choices to verify your privacy compliance.

Verified Data audit tools integrate with Google’s AI for advanced PII checks hunting for personal data, enabling you to protect your data and your organisation’s reputation.

Read more about our features.



It’s been an interesting journey and we hope you like the results – but we still need your feedback. Please either add your thoughts in the comments, or email us direct at hello ‘@’

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