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Updates December 2023

Verify Cookies & Tracking Pixels

Having a cookie consent banner is a legal requirement if you collect data from EU citizens. But is it set up correctly to do what it should? With our new PAGE Inspector you can:

  • Audit what cookies are set and auto-classify into Necessary, Functional, Statistics, Marketing. 
  • Audit what tracking/marketing pixels are loaded and auto-classify.
  • For each audit, you decide on the consent choice to verify.
  • Run on-demand or automate with scheduled audits.


Audit Cookies for Compliance

Our PAGE Inspector audits pages and provides detailed, though easy to read, reports on what is happening. It does the heavy lifting for you, so you can make an informed decision about your compliance:

cookie audit overview

Click image to expand, or view a full audit.


For example, if a website visitor selects “Reject All” (or equivalent), then by GDPR law, only strictly necessary cookies are allowed to be set and all others must not be. Similarly, if a visitor selects the category “Statistics”, you must not allow cookies that are classified at a more privacy sensitive level, and so on. But ensuring these happen is problematic for most sites. Ensure this is done correctly by auditing your site with our PAGE Inspector.


Audit Tracking & Marketing Pixels for Compliance

Privacy compliance is more than just cookies – because data can still be collected without the use of cookies. Our PAGE Inspector maps out all tracking and marketing pixels found on your page. Displaying the coverage of these and classifying them based on our partnership with Ghostery. We also show which country jurisdictions your visitor’s data is being sent to:

Click image to expand, or view a full audit.


Verify Consent for GDPR and ePD

The PAGE Inspector is a cloud-based website crawler built to simulate and verify a user’s consent for tracking i.e. the principles of GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive. You configure the geolocation, browser type, number of pages to crawl, and select what consent choice applies. The PAGE Inspector then emulates a visitor session, mapping what cookies and tracking/marketing pixels load – revealing if these match the consent choice.

Click image to expand, or view a full audit.


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