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Verified Data v2

Verified Data v2 – Now available to all (beta)

It’s been a long time since our announcement in Sep 2021 to start work on v2 of Verified Data, though I hope you agree its been worth the wait. The key difference is that we have separated the Data Inspector (to audit Google Analytics), from the Page Inspector (to audit your website pages).

What you can use now is the Data Inspector beta. It’s the same decision tree logic method as before – just smarter and a lot faster…!

Features of v2 Data Inspector

  • Real-time performance – your Google Analytics data audited in under 1 minute.
  • GA4 audits – you can audit both Universal Analytics and GA4 properties. Note, Google’s GA4 api is still in beta and has some way to go to match its predecessor. So this area will be expanding.
  • PII checks revamped for checking suspicious personal information. You can now whitelist troublesome false positives – we are particularly proud of the smart tech that identifies PII…
  • Automatic pre-checks – quickly assesses what checks are necessary and adjusts its settings/thresholds for you.
  • Reworked user interface – smoother, intuitive and mobile friendly.
  • ALL data checks completely FREE – because everyone should be able to have good quality data! If you want project management, bigger table checks, stored historical data and an API, there is a paid version coming soon. Otherwise free and paid are the same great tool.

Watch the Video Overview:

Access v2 Beta

From your existing account area, select “Switch to NEW version“. It is completely separate to v1 and you can switch between them as you wish:

It’s been an interesting journey and we hope you like the results – but we still need your feedback. Please either add your thoughts in the comments, or email us direct at hello ‘@’ LinkedIn in my preferred (only!) social network if you wish to connect.

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