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New Google Analytics Audit Features
Updates May 2021

1. NEW – Page Cardinality Check

Within the Data Validity > Noise & Spam section you will find the new Page Cardinality check:

The default fail (amber) is when >10 unique query parameters are found, though you set this threshold in your settings.

Page cardinality is a count of how many different versions of the same page exist. This occurs for example, if you have a product page that also logs page parameters, such as

If you have 3 different sizes and 10 different colours to select, that is 30 combinations of the same single page tracked in your Google Analytics reports i.e. Cardinality = 30. Sometimes parameter information can be useful, though most just add noise to your reports – and a lot of it. That is, the cardinality renders analysis of page content and visitor flow useless. But once you have found the problem, the fix is simple:

Once identified, fixing page cardinality is straightforward in your Google Analytics settings.

2. Consent Compliance Report – Getting better and better

Ensuring your site only tracks visitors when you have their consent has always been an important feature of Verified Data. If enabled, it provides a proactive way to demonstrate your organisation’s approach to customer trust. This section verifies that “No consent = No Tracking“.

You can now see a table of compliance checks by subdirectory level – up to 10 top-level directories checked. This is powerful for helping you track down issues that often arise from different platforms delivering content to different parts of your site. In the real-world example below, the team responsible for their global website were convinced their website was not tracking visitors without consent. But the new report found numerous tracking pixels they were not aware of i.e. outside of GTM:

The new subdirectory consent checks ensuring you stay GDPR compliant.

Prior to this audit, this organisation was convinced no tracking was taken place without prior consent! This report clarified the reality and enabled the org to deploy an emergency fix – thus avoiding an embarrassing GDPR incident.

3. GA4 Auditing – Your input wanted!

Influence the next generation of Verified Data! As you will know GA4 is in beta, and in keeping with its transformation we wanted to take the opportunity to completely revisit how we build Verified Data for the next generation of data quality auditing and monitoring.

Got TWO minutes to provide your input? Please complete the super-easy GA4 feedback form.

We are now shifting our focus to the new version of Verified Data with the current version limited to error fixes only.

Just 2 mins of your time to influence the next version of Verified Data.


As always, we love to hear your feedback on this new release! Please add your comment or contact us directly at hello ‘@’

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