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New Google Analytics Audit API
Updates February 2021

1. **New API Launched**

This is a big announcement and has been a significant investment from the team. All justified as an API has consistently been a top feature requested from users! The API has been developed with agencies in mind, though anyone can use it.  It allows you to programmatically access all test results and settings from your account – either for all projects, for a specific project, specific audit, or specific test – you decide the level of detail.

Get Started and try out the api calls – no coding required!

What you can do with the API

Aimed at agencies, our API allows you to integrate the Verified Data results within your own reporting platform. Perhaps you provide your customers with UX/accessibility/SEO reports and also want to embed data quality results. Perhaps you just want to keep it simple and present a data quality report in your own way with your branding. Perhaps you just don’t like out user interface!

Whatever your reason, now you can rebuild your project and audit visualisation any way you wish:

Example API JSON response.

We have even tested the API response with the Supermetrics JSON connector and importing into Data Studio.

A big thank you to testers who gave us valuable feedback during the beta phase.

2. New Notification Feature

As you may have seen with our new API launch, we can now communicate major announcements within the tool. This is to keep you informed on new features and any operational issues i.e. it is not a marketing feature!:

Example new notification feature.

The bell icon is visible if there is a notification to read. If you mark all of these as “read”, the bell icon will disappear.

Notifications are a per user feature. If you share your Verified Data account login and one person marks a post as “read”, it will disappear for ALL users of the shared account – this cannot be undone. See next section.

3. Access Permissions Update

An important request for you to add individual logins to your Verified Data account. That is, please do not use a shared login. For one, shared logins are notoriously security flakey (audit data is afterall sensitive!) and in addition it makes if difficult for us to support individual people.

To provide your colleagues with account-level access, add them via your Account area:

Adding new account users.

You can also add project-level users via the project list. Useful for adding account managers, or end clients:

Adding a user only to a specific project.

As always, we love to hear your feedback on this new release! Please add your comment or contact us directly at hello ‘@’

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