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New Google Analytics Audit Features
Updates October 2020

An unusual update this month as it is looking to a new feature we are working on, rather than what has been pushed. This development is all about getting audit results via a Report API – the most popular feature request from users!

1. Report API – What to expect

We put a great deal of effort into the design and layout of our reports. However as you will know, with so much information to check and with every website having its own set of priorities, its impossible for a report to fit all needs. Hence the new API will allow you to pull all the audit data yourself to build your own reports – just the way you like it.

Expect a RESTful API of the form (for illustration purposes only):

Where (again for illustration purposes only):

  • tid = your account id
  • pid = the project id
  • aid = the audit id
  • sname = the section name i.e. location of the test
  • tname = the name of the test

2. Timeline – Get early API access

The team behind Verified Data is a smart and dedicated bunch of people, though it is small. Hence, we plan to launch in beta before the end of this year – no guarantee!

If you would like to sign-up for early access beta, please register your interest in the form (an active subscription is required):

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As always, we would love to hear your feedback on this new release! Please add your comment or contact us directly at hello ‘@’

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