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Note, this post relates to version 1 of Verified Data. Please refer to Version 2 by using the FAQ page.

Yes and no. By default, when Verified Data simulates a visit and tests a page it blocks all Google Analytics and DoubleClick hits from being sent. In addition it blocks any other hits that may send tracking data. Specifically, if a network request contains a query string longer than x characters.

However for the Privacy & Consent Compliance and Cookie Compliance reports, Verified Data must allow a small number of hits to pass through for its tests.

How Many Hits Get Through?

Short answer – very few…


The visit simulator stops checking once a DoubleClick hit is found. Therefore, if you have DoubleClick loading on your home page, only 1 hit will be sent to Google Analytics. If not, up to 10 further random pages are tested – or 1% of the total spider size, whichever is the larger.

Other 3rd-Party Tracking Pixels

Other third parties may also receive data hits as a result of these tests. By default,10 random pageviews are always tested – or 1% of the total spider size, whichever is the larger.

IMPORTANT: If you are manually checking/replicating the audit results, remember to use an incognito version of your browser and ensure you are signed out of any Google account.

Whitelist Verified Data

If you suspect your website is blocking our spider and preventing form collecting data on enough pages, ask your hosting provider to whitelist our user-agent: (S; +


Verified Data sends a very small number of hits to Google Analytics. You can also whitelist our regional IP addresses:

  • Europe/Dublin:
  • Asia/South Korea:
  • USA/North Virginia:

Filter Verified Data from your reports

You can remove all Verified Data checks from being collected in your Google Analytics reports with a simple filter based on our Browser:
Filter Verified Data hits